Hear what others are saying!

This class is amazing. Nicole is such a positive, supportive and skillful instructor. It's a very challenging class but she keeps the pace going so that it goes by quickly and you never get bored. I've been taking the classes in Santa Monica and you just can't ask for a better location, outside on the bluff overlooking the ocean. I always leave feeling like I got an amazing workout and had fun while doing it. HIGHLY recommended. -Tasha

I've been taking the class for a few months now, it's Pilates, yoga & aerobics; on the grassy area on Ocean Blvd just north of Montana Blvd. (Parking is easy on Montana there). The instructor is sweet and funny and it's awesome to watch the sunset over the ocean. Perfect setting for a class like this. Bottom line, amazing. Seriously. Go. -Jen

I took CINCH with Nicole in San Francisco and it was awesome.  we worked on strength, core, cardio, and yoga is infused throughout so you feel centered and balanced.  Nicole is friendly and has a calm and positive energy. She gives you personal attention even a group class. I wish she were based in the bay area so that I could take more often! - Michelle